Saturday, March 21, 2009

Washington says Kinsler would have won MVP if...

Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington says that if Rangers 2B Ian Kinsler didn't miss the final six weeks due to injury, Kinsler would have won the A.L. MVP. The award was won by Dustin Pedroia, the Red Sox second baseman.

"There would have been no contest if Kins doesn't get hurt," Washington said. "No doubt about it. He would've put some numbers up that nobody would have caught him. He would've continued to score runs. He would've continued to hit doubles. He would've gotten some more home runs. He would've continued to add to his stolen base total without getting caught."

In 121 games, Kinsler posted a .319 batting average, scored 102 runs, hit 41 doubles and 18 homeruns, drove in 71 RBIs and stole 26 bases. Not only did he steal 26 bases, but he was only thrown out twice.

Pedroia played 157 games. In less games, Kinsler stole more bases and hit more homeruns than Pedroia. If Kinsler played the same number of games as Pedroia, his pace was 132 runs (118 for Pedroia), 53 doubles (54 for Pedroia) and 92 RBIs (83 for Pedroia).

However, injuries are part of baseball (and any sport, for that matter). And baseball is perhaps the game where players go through peaks and valleys more so than other sports. So while I think Kinsler probably would have put up better numbers almost across the board than Pedroia (if healthy), I think Washington's assertion that it would have been "no contest" is off.

That being said, it's always good for team morale when the manager (and/or front office) has the players' backs.

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