Sunday, April 12, 2009

C.C. Sabathia dominant in second outing

New York Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia, who was signed in the off-season to the mega $161 million contract, struggled in his first start on Opening Day in Baltimore.

And before you knew it, everyone forgot that Major League Baseball plays more than a one-game regular season.

Yesterday, Sabathia got his second start of the season and what a difference a start made!

Sabathia, who gave up six runs and struck out as many batters as I did from my living room on Opening Day, pitched 7 2/3 shutout innings and struck out six batters for his first win of the season against the Kansas City Royals yesterday.
“You call for the slider and changeup, but he’s a fastball pitcher,” [catcher Jorge] Posada said. “We need him to establish his fastball in and out, and he did that.”
Granted, it was against the Royals, but Sabathia won't be the bust that all of the naysayers purported he'd be after his first outing.

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