Thursday, April 30, 2009

More A-Roids than he admitted?

When New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez admitted that he took steroids, many feel into two groups.

One credited him for admitting more than they'd expected him to admit. The other (larger) group continued to bash A-Rod (or A-Fraud or A-Roid or whatever they called him) and believed he wasn't telling the full truth.

So, not surprisingly for many, new allegations have surfaced.

Per SI's Selena Roberts' new book (due out May 12), via the New York Daily News, Rodriguez continued to use steroids when he was in New York and also used them as early as his teenage years.

Per the report, a major leaguer said A-Rod and Kevin Brown were together with HGH in 2004.

Two anonymous Yankees believed he was taking performance-enhancing drugs based on the side effects they had seen. In fact, teammates called him "Bitch Tits" because of his rounded pecs.

Also, a clubhouse employee said that Yankees' management wondered about his usage as well.
"No one ever asked Alex directly that I know of, but there was a lot of suspicion in house," the employee is quoted as saying.
Not only is A-Rod accused of using steroids at times to which he did not admit, Roberts' book accuses him of "pitch tipping."

In other words, when the game was out of reach, he would signal to friends what pitch was coming and they would return the favor.

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