Monday, May 11, 2009

Jenks admits to throwing at (behind) Kinsler

Chicago White Sox closer Bobby Jenks didn't beat around the bush. Jenks says that he meant to throw behind Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler to "send a message."

After Rangers pitchers hit six White Sox batters, Jenks said that he was "sick" of it.
"No, I meant to. To send a message. Basically I was saying, 'I'm sick of seeing our guys get hit and hurt and almost get taken out of the game.' I threw it with intention."

"I'm not going to put a guy on in that situation," he said. "I was not going to hit him. I made my point with that pitch and it came across the way I wanted it to.

"I'm not going to go dirty. I was going to keep it low and behind him."
Jenks got Kinsler out and the White Sox won 3-2, but both teams were warned by umpire Lance Barksdale.

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