Sunday, May 24, 2009

Should Posada DH more often?

Joel Sherman of the New York Post argues that the New York Yankees should use Jorge Posada less at catcher and more at designated hitter.

He also argues that the Yankees should (as the Rays did last year) emphasize defense and play Brett Gardner in center, Melky Cabrera in left and either Jose Molina or Francisco Cervelli catching with Posada as DH.

His rationale:
  • Yankees will have enough offense even with a defensive-minded offense. However, if need be, they can be aggressive late by pinch-hitting with guys like Hideki Matsui, Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady (when he comes back).
  • Only use Posada to catch for those with a high comfort level with Posada, such as Andy Pettitte and Chien-Ming Wang. Posada's catching ERA is considerably higher than that of Cervelli, Molina and Kevin Cash.
  • Since Posada is 38 and on the DL again after last year, why not protect your investment that runs through 2011? Especially since guys like Johnny Damon, Matsui, and Nady will be free agents next year.
The Yankees would be better off defensively without Posada catching. And their offense has never been the problem.

On the season, the Yankees have scored 240 runs, which ranks third in baseball. However, they've posted a team ERA of 5.17, which is the fifth worst in baseball.

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