Tuesday, June 9, 2009

David Wright says he was joking about frustrations

Mets third baseman says he was joking about being frustrated with the dimensions of Citi Field.

"That was me having a good time with Chipper because I saw the look on his face after, you know, hitting 800 feet worth of fly balls and no home runs," Wright said Tuesday before the Mets played Philadelphia.

Ha ha. Good one, David.

And Chipper feels sorry for Mets' players now. Unless, of course, he's just "joking."

"It is the biggest park that I have ever played in in my life. It is a huge ballpark to center and right center and right field," Jones told Sirius XM Radio on Monday. "You know, I actually feel sort of sorry for some of the guys out there because their power numbers are really going to take a hit; guys like David Wright, (Carlos) Beltran, (Carlos) Delgado. The days of them hitting 35, 40 homers -- they're over."

In 200 at bats in 2009, Wright has three home runs. He hit his last home run on May 7th.

In 2007, Wright hit 30 homers in 604 at bats. In 2008, Wright hit 33 homers in 626 at bats.

If he gets 626 at bats in 2009 and maintains his current pace, he will finish 2009 with 9.39 home runs.

Funny, isn't it?

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